Caregiver Asia Transforming The Way Care is Delivered

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE – February 3, 2015 – Caregiver Asia Pte Ltd (“CGA”) is a Singapore based startup specializing in the delivery of Care services. Through its proprietary online platforms, CGA seeks to motivate, empower and mobilize people and communities to care about people around them. CGA’s newly launched online matching portal gives instant relief to Careseekers by allowing them to search and book for respite, step-down and at-home care in a transparent and affordable manner. Booking confirmation is instantaneous and is available 24/7.

The new portal also empowers Caregivers to be independent healthcare practitioners by giving Caregivers total control over their time and place of work, as well as to state their terms and conditions of service (e.g. cost per session, length of each session etc). Health and caregiving practitioners, including doctors, allied health professionals, nurses, nurse aids, and other trained caregivers can list their services on the portal.

“A time will come for all of us, when we will face the need to look for care solutions for ourselves and our loved ones. Typically, this need will come unexpectedly, it will be unplanned and will require almost immediate attention. Almost always, especially in relation to the care needs of a loved one, the failure to get trusted, on time care could lead to heartache and stress for the family. At CGA, we believe that everyone deserves to have easy and transparent access to accredited, reasonably priced and quality care services,” said Ms Yeo Wan Ling, CGA’s CEO.

The portal also provides a platform for Caregivers to broadcast their services; areas of specialty and the opportunity to have a wider reach to those in need of care services.
Adds Ms Yeo, “Furthermore, our portal can jumpstart any Caregiver on their entrepreneurial journey. Our portal allows enterprising Caregivers to post their care specialty areas, manage a versatile work schedule based on our built-in scheduler and maintain perfect control over their terms of service. We at CGA are excited about using social networking tools to create platforms that answer the everyday care needs of the people around us.”
CGA believes that besides entrepreneurs, the portal will provide an excellent channel for individuals who are unable to work fulltime to enter the workforce again as independent health and care practitioners. Said Ms Helen Lim, Founding Partner & CEO of Silver Spring, a social enterprise that helps mid-career professionals find meaningful second careers, “We are happy to have CGA as a partner. Through their portal, retired nurses, and mid career switchers, who have much to contribute in terms of their expertise and energy, and can find creative outlets to provide their services. In doing so, they continue to be able to provide for their own livelihoods, and do this in a meaningful and fulfilling way.”

The portal will also give a boost to the art therapy field in that it profiles art therapists. In this, CGA will partner 10 Square @ Orchard Central (“10sq”), a creative arts space and training centre managed by The RICE Company, in promoting the discipline and practice of art therapy.
Said Ms Yeo: “We believe in the transformative power of art in human lives, and would like to promote the use of art therapy – visual, performing, music – as a form of caregiving and therapy. As such, CGA is happy to offer to all art therapists, dance therapists and music therapists, free life subscriptions to our new portal as part of our efforts to promote this form of caregiving.”

Mr Shaun Ng, Arts & Community Development Manager for 10sq, shares: “In our experience of working with art therapists, we have seen how art becomes an avenue for children and young people to process their emotions and feelings. We believe that the creative process of art is therapeutic and it can be used as a catalyst for healing. Since art trainers are already equipped with technical skills, it would be a good opportunity for them to extend their craft to include therapy skills to reach out to a wider community. We will tap into our network of art trainers and art practitioners, and share with them the potential of pursuing art therapy as an extension of their work.”

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About Caregiver Asia

Caregiver Asia (CGA) is an Asian Care company headquartered in Singapore specializing in the business of care services. Through our online and offline proprietary care platforms, CGA aims to transform the way that care is delivered today by motivating, empowering and mobilizing people and communities to care about people around them. Through the CGA online portal, Careseekers can access on-time, trusted, stress-free and transparent care solutions; whilst Caregivers can practice independently with full control of their schedules and terms of services. Caregiver Asia aims to have access to 1 million accredited and certified caregivers in Asia Pacific by 2016, and currently has network companies and partners in Malaysia, Hong Kong/Macau, South Korea and Indonesia.

About 10 Square @ Orchard Central

Originally a car park, 10 Square @ Orchard Central (10sq) – managed by The RICE Company Limited (RICE) – is a creative arts space for budding young artists and emerging young talents to hone their artistic skills. 10sq is equipped to support multidisciplinary arts initiatives. 10sq’s space and programmes are designed as a catalyst for young people to initiate new creative ideas and be inspired to reach beyond their limits.10sq is also home to youth budding artists, majority of whom are beneficiaries of The Business Times Budding Artists Fund, pursuing an arts training programme in Dance, Theatre, Visual Arts and Music.


About The RICE Company

Think Social. The RICE Company Limited is a non-profit organisation that harvests the potential of the arts and culture for the development of human lives and connecting communities locally and around the world. The RICE Company Limited was incorporated on 26th of March 2014 and is a registered charity with an IPC.


About Silver Spring

Silver Spring is Singapore’s first social enterprise to champion the employment of experienced job seekers. We started in 2009 with a simple mission – to help displaced professionals, managers and executives (PMEs) in their 40s and 50s return to the workforce. Our focus also includes enabling retired professionals in their 60s to re-discover their value and find fulfilling re-career options. We equip PMEs with individual coaching, job search skills, job placement services, pre and post job assimilation support as well as mentoring for alternative careers. Our goal is to be the agency of choice for experienced talent in the Singapore workforce. Our aspiration is that every mid-career job seeker who comes to Silver Spring will experience a bounce back in their lives through finding employment or an alternative career.