Singapore Startup CaregiverAsia Launches Caregiver Support Services

Singapore, 28 June 2017 – Caregiver Asia Pte Ltd, a specialist in providing trusted on-demand care services, today announced that it has launched Caregiver Support Services (CSS). With the CSS, Caregivers listed on CaregiverAsia will have a more professional profile online and will be equipped with essential tools to aid them in their Caregiving careers. Besides training and profile writing assistance, Caregivers can further opt for backgrounds check to be done on them. This will help create a more trusted caregiving environment. Interested Caregivers, who are registered with CaregiverAsia, can sign up here for CSS packages or individual services here.

For Caregivers, all these services are easy-to-use, accessible and affordable. For Careseekers, the very visible badging function against the Caregivers’ profile will empower them to make informed choices on the Caregivers they are hiring. This will create a more trusted caregiving environment so that Careseekers can transact with a peace of mind.

The CSS will initially include:

  1. Training – NTUC Learning Hub-CaregiverAsia Caregiver Awareness Training VideosNTUC Learning Hub and CaregiverAsia have produced three sets of three-minute e-learning videos on the proper and appropriate techniques on hand hygiene, grooming and communication for Caregivers. These videos will help in preparing Caregivers for Home Caregiving and is hosted on Bamboo’s e-learning platform. The training videos are produced to allow Caregivers to acquire awareness skills while having fun and adding learning badges to their profiles on the CaregiverAsia platform at the same time.
  2. Professional profile writing and photo-takingThrough its over two-year existence, CaregiverAsia noticed that Caregivers who have their profiles and pictures professionally done have seen an average of 50 percent more bookings.
  3. Background check by First Advantage, a global security screening companyScreening by an international agency helps to increase consumer confidence in the services they are acquiring on CaregiverAsia. First Advantage offers “comprehensive background screening solutions that provide employers and housing providers straightforward, actionable reports so they can make confident choices, reduce risk, and stay compliant”1.

Yeo Wan Ling, CEO of CaregiverAsia said, “We are pleased to have launched our first ever suite of support services for Caregivers. First impressions count. Caregivers are really great at Caregiving, but might need an extra boost in enhancing their careers as Caregivers. We want to help Caregivers put their best side forward on our site by putting across the perfect profile for them. In addition, we want to create a more trusted caregiving environment so that Careseekers can transact with a peace of mind. We have done so by putting in global background checks and easily accessible online Caregiving skills awareness training programs. At CaregiverAsia, we are mindful about creating a trusted marketplace for all to transact in, and are looking forward to developing more such products to enhance our services and those of the Caregivers who post with us.”

CaregiverAsia offers a whole range of services that are based on top care concerns faced by urban families: In-home Care, Respite Care, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing Care, Personal Care, Rehabilitative Care, Dementia Care, Special Needs, Pregnancy Care and many others.



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CaregiverAsia is a specialist provider of health and caregiving services. Through its award-winning platform, CaregiverAsia has created an online marketplace leveraging on a shared economy of Careseekers and Caregivers. Careseekers can access on-time, trusted and transparent care solutions in the comforts of their homes; whilst freelance Caregivers and healthcare professionals can practice independently with full control of their schedules and terms of services. CaregiverAsia also specializes in healthcare recruitment and the placement of healthcare professionals and locums into leading healthcare institutions. For more information, please visit

CaregiverAsia is part of The Caregiver Group which is headquartered in Singapore. The Caregiver Group aims to transform the way care is delivered today by motivating, empowering and mobilizing people and communities to care for people around them. The group has a growing international presence and has offices and partners in China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan and United States. For more information, please visit

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