CaregiverAsia Introduces a New Dynamic Real Time Calendar Booking System for Its Online Booking Platform

Singapore, 26 July 2017 – Caregiver Asia Pte Ltd, a specialist in providing trusted on-demand care services, today announced it has launched a new, improved and dynamic calendar system. This new proprietary availability management system allows Caregivers to manage and consolidate their availability for all their services in one place. Visually, it looks and works like Google Calendar where one can drag and select the time period of the services offered and available.

The new system will enable Caregivers to manage their time more efficiently as CaregiverAsia’s new scheduling system takes into account rest, packing up and preparation time between bookings. Dynamic booking lengths will be made possible and this means that services can be booked for durations within Caregivers’ specified time range (minutes, hours, days, weeks and months). For Careseekers, the improved UX will make it intuitively easy to book services online themselves.

Previous feedback on the calendar system, was that while it was a novel concept, it was quite tedious to use as a Caregiver who may provide multiple types of services, would have to create different calendars for each of the services provided. With the new system, Caregivers can manage their services schedules real time, on one calendar, and future service schedules can be cloned for up to three months.

Yeo Wan Ling, CEO of CaregiverAsia said, “We are excited to introduce new improvements to our easy-to-use and transparent platform. The new calendar system is a result of direct feedback from our Caregivers and Careseekers. This is our third major facelift in two years, and is part of our continued service promise to bring convenience and transparency to the Caregiving process. With this enhancement, we hope that more Caregivers would continue to entrust their caregiving service hours to us; and for Careseekers, a more convenient, intuitive and carefree experience when booking care services online.”


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